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Hairfree Turramurra Centre

Want the latest modern hair removal in the Turramurra area? Your local Hairfree centre can do everything for you.

Hairfree IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment is the scientific approach to managing problem hair. IPL treatments use light, not smelly chemicals or those gruesome strips, to remove problem hair fast and painlessly.

Hairfree: top-of-the-range services and expertise

The first Hairfree consultation is free — This very useful first consultation will provide professional advice and practical knowledge. Our therapists give guidance and support to help you make informed choices.

Do things your way and create your own program — You call the shots. Our web page gives you all the choices to create a personalised treatment program. You can also consider all your options. Choose areas like bikini zone, upper lip, legs, etc. You’ll put together a perfect program for yourself, your way.

Hairfree: market leaders, professional standards

  • Hairfree therapists are professionals, trained by professionals

  • All Hairfree therapists must have qualifications in both safety and IPL machine operations

  • Hairfree IPL machines are truly top-of-the-range medical standard equipment

Hairfree IPL treatments: how to beat problem hair

IPL treatments manage the real issues of problem hair. IPL light disables the roots of problem hair, preventing regrowth.

It’s easy to save money with us

Hairfree has regular special deals and discounts that will save you cash upfront. See our Facebook page for the newest offers and all our news.

15 minutes is all you need

Forget about long gruelling sessions. Fifteen minutes is all you need for your Hairfree IPL treatment. You can manage times and make your Hairfree appointments even on a super-tight schedule.

Ask us

Our therapists can discuss problem hair issues in depth and give you the information you want. Find the nearby Hairfree centre and drop by, or give us a call. You’re always welcome.

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